Polka-dot Chiffon Dress

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A dainty dress of polka-dots and lace for elegant look.

The flutter hem brings a soft atmosphere to your outfit.

The exquisite colors and committed details are the key pint of this dress.

▼ Design
< Light and breathable dress with polka-dots, lace and mellow design >
A chiffon dress with polka-dots.
It was made for not only cuteness but also fragility and feminine look.

Details such as the stand collar at the neck and French sleeves that casually cover the upper arms are also key points that promote a delicate look and create an elegant look.

In addition to the mellow design of the cuffs and hem, the design of the hem, which is slightly longer at the side due to utilizing textured fabric, creates a beautiful swaying line.
Although it is made of soft material, it is wrinkle-resistant, so you can you can wear this very comfortably. The moderate sheer texture of the material also makes it perfect for the coming hot season

< Exquisite gray is the recommended color. >
In addition to the basic black and ivory, a gray color that is easy to wear on special occasions is now available.
The exquisite color is surprisingly easy to match with any color, but we recommend wearing black accessories for a stylish look, and brighter accessories such as greige or white for a more gorgeous look.

< Delicate dots create a sweet look. >
To add a more mature look, put your hair up and keep around your face neat not only to give a neat impression but also to make use of the neck design.
It is also recommended to create more dainty look with accessories such as pearl and jewels, or to match with delicate accessories.
If you put on a collared or collarless jacket, it will add a neat/formal look to your outfit.

▼Recommended occasions
< For weddings and other special occasions >
GRAY is an elegant color that can be worn to a wedding.
BLACK and WHITE are recommended for special occasions such as dinner at hotel.

▼Recommended size
~Less than 150cm / SS,S
150cm~ / SS,S
155cm~ / S,M
160cm~ / S,M,L
165cm~ / M,L

▼How it feels to wear
The elastic at the waist is not too tight, so it was easy to put on and take off.
The mellow design and the flutter hem of fluffy material make me excited to wear it every time I wear.

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Size :
Available in SS,S,M,L

◆SS size
Length: 115cm
Shoulder width: 55cm
Bust: 103cm
Waist: 61-79cm

◆S size
Length: 120cm
Shoulder width: 56cm
Bust: 104cm
Waist: 62-80cm

◆M size
Length: 125cm
Shoulder width: 58cm
Bust: 108cm
Waist: 65-83cm

◆L size
Length: 128cm
Shoulder width: 60cm
Bust: 112cm
Waist: 69-87cm

Model height :151cm(S)


Product Features :
Elasticity: Yes
Transparency: Yes
Fabric thickness: Slightly thin
Luster: Slightly yes
Pockets: No
Lining: Yes
Zipper position: back (with elastic at the back, next to the waist)

Material :
Outer material: 100% Polyester
Lining: 100% Polyester

Country of origin:China

Care Instructions :

・Hand wash:○ (temperature up to 40℃)
・Hang dry in the shade: ○
・Delicate dry cleaning (petroleum solvent only): ○
・Wet cleaning with very delicate treatment: ○
・Iron: ✖
・Washing machine, tumble dry: ✖
・Bleach: ✖

*Do not use fluorescent bleach
*Ironing is prohibited
*When hand-washing, please put it in a net and wash it by pushing gently.
*Please store in a place that is not exposed to light.
*Please be careful of friction and snagging.
*Avoid long-term soaking. After washing, please straighten it out and dry immediately.
*This product has a pleated finish. Please handle with care.

<Precautions for handling>
・Due to the nature of the material, this product may cause color fading or color migration due to friction, sweat, rain, etc. during washing or wearing.

・Please wash it separately from other items.
・Do not leave the garment wet or stack with other items. 
・Please note that the color may bleed or transfer to white or light-color items.
・Please note that this product may discolor if exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting).
・Do not expose to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time.
・Please store in a place away from sunlight (or lighting)
・This product has a tendency to snag due to the nature of the material.
・Please be careful not to snag or rub against rough surfaces, or scratch against bags, belts, or sharp objects, as this may cause fraying or threads to float and break.
・Please be careful of metal fittings and protrusions on belts, bags, accessories, etc. when putting on and taking off the garment.

*This product has a pleated finish to the fabric.
・Please note that the pleats are not permanent and may disappear after repeated wearing, washing and dry-cleaning.
・Please avoid ironing.
・Please be careful not to stretch the pleats when storing.
・When you bring it to the dry-cleaner, please inform them that it has a pleated finish.


This item will be shipped within 2-4 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) from the date of order.

・Due to the manufacturing process, we allow for a margin of error of about [-2cm to +2cm] from the actual size of each measurement. Please refer to the size descriptions for reference purposes only.
・Please be careful not to input the shipping address incorrectly.
・Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to the location of the photo shoot and the image.
・If the product is defective, please return or exchange it within 5 business days after you receive it.
・We do not accept returns or exchanges of items that show signs of use, have missing tags or accessories, or are damaged or stained. In addition, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience, such as the size does not fit or the image is different, etc.
・Please allow 2 business days for us to respond to your inquiry.
(Our customer support is open from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays. We are unable to respond on weekends, holidays, and outside business hours.)