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Collarless Wavy-Design Coat

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Collarless coat that is simple yet is committed to design is now available again in response to many requests after it was sold out.
Available in 3 popular colors.


▼ Design
<A beautiful silhouette with a committed design>
A collarless long coat with a clean silhouette and a wavy collar design.
By setting the buttons position high, it has become a popular design that looks stylish even when button up.
The sleeves have a cute silhouette that tapers from the shoulder to the cuff.
This coat is simple yet is committed to design.

<From neat to casual outfit>
It is recommended for all different styles. Pair it with a blouse or tight knit and boots or pumps for a neat look.
For more casual look, pair it with a loose knit and loafers or sneakers on your feet.
This coat also goes well with accessories and scarves.
It can be worn to the office, going out, or even formal occasions in winter.

▼Recommended occasions
<In any occasion from going out to formal events>
Office, going out, dinner, occasion, wedding, after-party, class reunion, thank you party, reception, invitation, party, dinner party, girls' night out, date

▼Recommended size
~Less than ~150cm / S
150cm~ / S
155cm~ / S,M
160cm~ / S,M
165cm~ / M,L

▼ How it feels to wear

The shoulder area is loose, but the clean silhouette gives a neat look without making you look bundled up.
I like that it remains looking stylish even when button up.

#Simple #Silhouette #Neatlook #Design

Available in : S, M and L sizes

◆S size
Length: 113.5cm
Body width: 101.4cm
Shoulder width: 55cm
Sleeve length: 51.5cm

◆M size
Length: 120.5cm
Body width: 106.4cm
Shoulder width: 57cm
Sleeve length: 53cm

◆L size
Length: 125.5cm
Body width: 111.4cm
Shoulder width: 59cm
Sleeve length: 54.5cm

Model: 151cm/Size: S

Weight: Approx. 950g (Size S)
*The measurement above is based on size S. Please note that weight of coat may vary slightly due to the size/product.


Product Features :
Elasticity: No
Transparency: No
Thickness of fabric: Thick
Gloss: No
Pockets: Yes
Lining: Yes

Material :
Outer fabric:90% Polyester
10% Wool
Lining: 100% Polyester
Country of origin:China

Care Instructions :
・Iron: ○ (Low temperature up to 110°C , no steam, press cloth is necessary )
・Delicate dry cleaning (petroleum solvent only): ○
・Wet cleaning: ✖
・Hand washing: ✖
・Washing machine, tumble dry: ✖
・Bleach: ✖

*Please bring it in to a dry cleaner for washing.
*Please be careful not to get it wet, as it may cause color fading and loss of shape.
*Please note that colors may fade due to friction. Please be careful when combining with other clothing.
*Please use a press cloth when using the iron.
*As this product focuses on texture, pilling may occur. Please avoid wearing the garment for consecutive days.
*If pilling occurs, do not pull them and remove them with scissors or a lint remover so as not to damage the fabric.
*The material of this product tends to shrink when it gets wet, which may cause the soft texture to be lost.
*If you plan to store it for a long time, we recommend bringing it in to a dry cleaner and storing it on a hanger in a well-ventilated place.
*This product may cause pilling, but please note that this is due to the characteristics of the material.
If you remove the pilling by hand, it may cause fuzzing or thread breakage, so please remove it using small scissors, etc., being careful not to damage the original thread.

LCO2209206 No Collar Wave Design Coat


・Due to the manufacturing process, we allow for a margin of error of about [-2cm to +2cm] from the actual size of each measurement. Please refer to the size descriptions for reference purposes only.
・Please be careful not to input the shipping address incorrectly.
・Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to the location of the photo shoot and the image.
・If the product is defective, please return or exchange it within 5 business days after you receive it.
・We do not accept returns or exchanges of items that show signs of use, have missing tags or accessories, or are damaged or stained. In addition, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience, such as the size does not fit or the image is different, etc.
・Please allow 2 business days for us to respond to your inquiry.
(Our customer support is open from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays. We are unable to respond on weekends, holidays, and outside business hours.)

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クリスマスに着ていきたくて購入しました。ネットで調べたら全然届かないとか書いてあったけど商品の納期によって変わります!この商品は即納だったので注文して2日で届きました 素材とかもしっかりしていてシワも付きにくいそうです。めちゃくちゃ可愛いです。155cmでMサイズです!袖の長さとかちょうどよかったです!コートの割に軽いし着ていて肩こりとかもしないです!周りからみても重そうに見えないです!

Japan Japan


152センチSサイズちょうど良いです!厚手のニットも着られました。ウェーブデザインが可愛すぎます!黒を買ったのでトップスに明るい色を着てコートのボタンを開けて着るとウェーブがより目立って良いです♡ light grayも素敵だなと思っていましたが他の方のレビューを見て、法事などでも使えることを考えて黒にしました。light gray売り切れているけど再入荷あるのかなー?

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黒のコートの買い替えを探しててこちらに。 届いた時箱が小さくてビックリしましたが、綺麗に畳まれていて折ジワがほとんどなかったです。 ウール10%で温かさにそこまで期待してなかったです。でも早速着てみたら思ってたより温かいです! 151cm体重40後半で、Sサイズ。中にニットも着れました。サイズは口コミを見てバッチリでした。 ポケットの位置が私的には高かったのでもう少し低く、あとナナメに付いてると手を突っ込めて最高でした。 ノーカラーのデザインが他になくてレディライクな感じで良いです。こういうシンプルだけどデザイン性があるお洋服大好きです。 これから沢山着たいと思います!! nairoのアイテム少しずつ集めていきたいので、特にりぃさんが携わったもの達は終売しないでほしいです!!是非よろしくお願いします。笑

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Japan Japan


写真で薄めに見えたので秋用コートかな〜と思っていたのですが、届いてみたら想像以上にしっかりとした生地感で冬でも着用できそうなのが嬉しかったです。 どんなコーデにも合いますが、大きめのマフラーとの相性が特に抜群で、早くこれでお出かけしたいです