Diamond Ring

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An eye-catching dainty design with a shining single diamond.
A ring that makes your hand look beautiful.


<Looks simple yet have a strong presence>

At first glance, this ring looks simple, but the ring has discreetly embedded diamond that sparkles.

The design doesn't interfere with other items so it goes well with any outfit.

It can be used for any occasion, from everyday life to occasions, and will give you a neat mature look just by having one.

Available in two colors: “gold” and “silver”.


*18k gold plated on 925 silver.


*Rhodium plated on 925 silver. (Since the surface of silver is not exposed to air, it is less likely to tarnish and has a more luxurious luster that lasts longer.)


<Easy to match with any outfit>

It has a nice statement that doesn't make your hand look lonely even when worn with a single ring.

It goes perfect not only for everyday outfit but also for occasions such as formal events and invitations.

▼Recommended occasions

<For any occasion◎>

Perfect for everyday use or a date as well as for special occasions such as anniversaries.

A sophisticated accessory that goes well with any occasion.

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Available size : #9 and #11


*18k gold plated on 925 silver.

*Rhodium plated on 925 silver. (Platinum finish, less likely to tarnish and with more luxurious luster that lasts longer.)

Country of origin: Made in Japan

<Precautions for handling>

*Depending on your constitution, it may cause itching or rash.
If such symptoms appear, stop using it and consult a doctor immediately.
"*Applying moderate force may cause damage.
Please remove it when doing strenuous work or playing vigorous sports."
Please handle it with care, such as not pulling it forcibly or placing something on top of it.

*All gold-colored products are plated.
Please note that due to the nature of plating, the plating may peel off over time of use and wear.
*Please do not use liquid silver cleaner, cloth containing abrasives (silver polish cloth, etc.), water and alcohol as they may cause the gold plating to peel off.

*Please note that the ring may deform to an oval shape to fit your finger by repeatedly using it.
It is a proof that the ring is adapted to your finger, so there is no need to repair it except for major deformations.
"*If you have any problems with the clasp parts, please refrain from using it and contact us by the contact information provided.

VAS2307003 Diamond Ring


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・We do not accept returns or exchanges of items that show signs of use, have missing tags or accessories, or are damaged or stained. In addition, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience, such as the size does not fit or the image is different, etc.
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