washer pleated skirt

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*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or changes to orders after they have been confirmed.

Please note that we will not be able to accept cancellations or changes to orders after they have been confirmed.


A crumpled skirt in effortless style.
This item is a best-seller item of nairo, which is popular among a wide range of generations for its unique swing and style-up effect. A magical skirt with a straight silhouette makes your buttocks look smaller.


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<Style-up effect>

A soft pleated skirt with a wrinkled finish.

The unique soft thin fabric and weight of this skirt hides the waist and make you look slender even though it is a flare skirt. The hem flutters as you walk, giving this long skirt a lovely and elegant look.
The elastic waist is stress-free. It also comes with a petticoat.


<It can be worn in any seasons with any styles of clothes. >

You can wear it with a T-shirt in spring or summer, or with a knit in winter, regardless of the season.
The silhouette emphasizes a vertical line, so you can wear it with a knit or sweatshirt without getting bundled up.
Pair with pumps and boots such as ballet shoes for elegant look. Pair with sneakers for a casual look.
This is a versatile item that goes well with any type of clothing.

Easy to wear and easy to move. Even if you fold it compactly, you don't have to worry about wrinkles, so it's recommended for travel and girls' trips.

▼Recommended occasions

<Perfect for going out outfit>

Shopping, girls' night out, date, go out, dinner, drive, concert, picnic, cafe, dinner party

▼Recommended size

~Less than 150cm / S

150cm~ / S,M
155cm~ / S,M
160cm~ / M
165cm~ / M

▼How it feels to wear

The waist part is elastic, so it can be worn loosely without feeling constrictive.
The unique swing is cute.

#Long skirt #Slimming #Silhouette #Elastic waist #Girls party #Girls trip

Available in:S,M,L

◆S size
Waist : 60-104cm(Max. elastic)
Hip : 110cm (Max)
Total Length : 80cm

◆M size
Waist : 60-110cm(Max. elastic)
Hip : 120cm (Max)
Total Length: 90cm

◆L size
Waist : 62-112cm(Max. elastic)
Hip : 122cm (Max)
Total Length: 95cm

※Model height : 151cm


Comes with petticoat

Materials :

Outer material: rayon 60%
   polyester 40%
Lining : polyester 100%

Country of origin : China

Care Instructions :
・Hand wash: ○ (up to 40℃)
・Tumble dry : ✖
・Bleach: ✖
・Soak and wash: ✖
・Iron: ✖
・Hang dry in the shade.
*Use a laundry net.
⚠️ Please wash it separately from other items, as it is easy to transfer the dye.
⚠️When hand-washing, please squeeze it out and dry it without stretching it.
⚠️When you bring it to the dry-cleaner, please inform them that it is a wrinkle-processed product.

NSK2109030 washer pleated skirt

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