Slit Sleeves 2-Way Jacket

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This 2-way jacket can be worn as a trendy slit jacket or as a simple double jacket.
Wear a coat over it and it's perfect for your work outfit.

 ▼ Design
<Unique Design>
A versatile 2-way jacket that allows you to enjoy a wide range of fashion styles.
Made from warm fabric in three versatile colors: brown, charcoal gray, and black.
The sleeves have small zippers, making it a great item that can be worn to suit any occasion. Comes with pockets for convenience.

[Available Co-ord/Matching Pieces]
●Can be worn with the Side Slit Pencil Skirt as a two-piece outfit.
●The Collarless Double Jacket is also made from the same fabric.

▼ Outfit
< Open the zippers for a different look.>
The jackets has the fabric that can be worn even in the office.
Close the zippers to make it a simple jacket during work, and open the zippers to spice up your outfit after work.

<Excellent item for mix and match◎>
Depending on the items you pair it with, it can be used in a wide range of situations, both casual and formal.

▼ Recommended occasions
< For work, holidays, and special occasions >
Office, dinner, going out, shopping, driving, date, girls' night out, class reunion, thank you party, party, dinner party

▼ Recommended size
~Less than 150cm / S
150cm~ / S
155cm~ / S,M
160cm~ / M
165cm~ / M

▼How it feels to wear
I am 156cm and have relatively broad shoulders, but the S size fits me perfectly.

#Slit Sleeves #Design Jacket #Office Casual #Work Outfit

Size :
Available sizes: S, M

◆S size
Length: 68.5cm
Shoulder width: 39cm
Body width: 50cm
Sleeve length: 58cm

◆M size
Length: 72.5cm
Shoulder width: 41cm
Body width: 53cm
Sleeve length: 61cm

Model height: 151cm(S)


Product Features :
Elasticity:slightly elastic(black,brown)
None (charcoal)
Fabric Thickness:Thick

Material :
Outer fabric: 100% Polyester
Lining: 100% Polyester
Country of origin:China

Care Instructions :

・Hand wash: ○ (up to 40℃)
・Iron: ○ ( temperature up to 150℃, press cloth is necessary)
・Delicate dry cleaning (petroleum solvent only): ○
・Hang dry in the shade: ○
・Wet cleaning with very delicate treatment: ○
・Washing machine, tumble dry: ✖
・Bleach: ✖

*Please wash by pressing lightly.
*Please wash it separately from other items as the color may fade slightly.
*Please use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach.
*Please avoid soaking or leaving it wet, and dry quickly after washing.
*Please use a press cloth when ironing.
*Please do not iron buttons.
*Please wash with the zipper closed.

SJK22090001 Slit Sleeve 2WAY Jacket


Notes :
・Due to the manufacturing process, we allow for a margin of error of about [-2cm to +2cm] from the actual size of each measurement. Please refer to the size descriptions for reference purposes only.
・Please be careful not to input the shipping address incorrectly.
・Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to the location of the photo shoot and the image.
・If the product is defective, please return or exchange it within 5 business days after you receive it.
・We do not accept returns or exchanges of items that show signs of use, have missing tags or accessories, or are damaged or stained. In addition, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience, such as the size does not fit or the image is different, etc.
・Please allow 2 business days for us to respond to your inquiry.
(Our customer support is open from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays. We are unable to respond on weekends, holidays, and outside business hours.)